FINATS is a member of both EVTA (European Voice Teachers’ Association) and ICVT (International Congress of Voice Teachers) and was responsible for organizing the Fifth International Congress of Voice Teachers (5ICVT) in Helsinki, 2001.

Leo II: The EU-funded life-long learning program

Between 2010 and 2012, the membership of EVTA enabled FINATS to participate in Leo II, which is a EU-funded life-long learning program: ”Digital resources as a support in modern vocal teaching” (Leondaro da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme: EVTA Digital Resources Training).

The aim of the project was that the training participants would share their acguired knowledge and skills with members of their own association at the concerted training events. FINATS granted to members travel scholarships on the basis of applications to the international Eurovox-Congress of Munich in April 2012. In addition, FINATS organized one separate training day focusing on voice analysis software studies at the Sibelius Academy in April 2013 with Ritva Eerola, Outi Kähkönen and Aija Puurtinen as instructors.