Domestic Activities


Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing (FINATS) organizes training sessions, seminars and training courses for its members. At the beginning of 2013 the number of members was about 400. Welcome to join to FINATS are equally the singing teachers, vocal research professionals, lied pianists, accompanists as well as vocal pedagogy and logopedics students.

The Association’s publication LAULUPEDAGOGI is an artistic-scientific booklet (publication frequency: every second year), of which articles deal with the main issues in singing, voice care singing interpretation, and performing practices. It also contains information about courses and training events as well as researches appearing in the field of science.

Current events and training sessions organized by FINATS are informed in member bulletins twice or thrice a year.

The association fee:

Ordinary member 40 €

Students and pensioners 20 €

Community membership 85 €.

A brief history of FINATS and its activities

Mr. Eero Harmaala, the principal singing lecturer of Oulu Conservatory, took the initiative of forming the Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing by releasing an announcement in Rondo music magazine in 1982. Harmaala called voice teachers to convene with an aim to develop both their common spirit and pedagogical skills. The first pedagogical consultation took place 20.11.1982 in Helsinki at restaurant Orpheus participating with more than ten voice teachers. Elected at the meeting was the preparatory group to establish the association. In February 1983 the rules of the association were adopted and the charter was drafted. In March the same year, at the first meeting Matti Tuloisela (the Professor at Sibelius Academy) was elected as President of FINATS. Eero Harmaala (Oulu), Maila Haavisto (Jyväskylä), Raija Roivainen (Tampere) and Sinikka Talmo (Helsinki) were elected as the members of the first board.

FINATS became a member of EVTA 23.5.1992

During the Presidency of Taimi Airola the activities of FINATS internationalized when it was, along with the European sister associations, adopted as the co-partner of EVTA (European Voice Teachers' Association). For technical reasons, EVTA was re-established 2-3.10.2004 in Hannover with Norma Enns as its President. Since 2013 her follower has been Outi Kähkönen, lecturer at Sibelius Academy.

Finnish Association of Teachers of Singing (FINATS) becomes a member of ICVT in 1994

In 1994, 3ICVT Congress took place in Auckland, New Zealand. In connection with the Congress was established the International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT), with also Finland among its first members. Present at 3ICVT Congress were President of FINATS Taimi Airola and Vice President Mikko Pasanen. FINATS was responsible for organizing the Fifth International Congress of Voice Teachers (5ICVT) organization in Helsinki in 2001.

Activities extended to all music genres

During the Presidency of Hannele Valtasaari the activies of FINATS extended to cover all genres of vocal music. CCM (Contemporary commercial music) division was formed 2008 in Turku. As a first expert of CCM music (including all folk music styles) the board invited Aija Puurtinen, the lecturer of pop-jazz singing at Sibelius Academy. In 2011, at the General Assembly of FINATS, were the rules of the Association changed so that its Board includes at least two representatives of classical, and at least two representatives of non-classical music (CCM or folk music). This practice took effect in 2012. FINATS organizes classical music days in spring and CCM music day in the fall. Besides these, also other joint educational sessions or seminars are organized by the Association.

Presidents of FINATS:

Matti Tuloisela 1983–1990

Taimi Airola 1990–2000

Outi Kähkönen 2000–2008

Hannele Valtasaari 2008–

Aija Puurtinen 2017-